1931: Captives


The air smelled wrong.

It was the only door I’d found locked, and the damned thing was padlocked from the outside.

A rank odor filled raised the hackles on my neck. I didn’t bother reaching for my knife. Whatever I found behind the door would require the Colts.

I drew both revolvers, cocked the hammers and kicked the door in.

The bolts holding the padlock in place splintered the wood as they tore free, and the door swung in. It bounced off the wall and came back toward me, but I was already moving and inside the room.

A single candle flickered from an iron and glass fixture set in the far left wall, the weak light illuminating a pair of creatures squatting on the floor.

I didn’t know who they were, but I sure as hell knew what.

The demigods turned their heads and gazed at me with wooden eyes that blazed into life. They let out a string of low chirps and whistles to one another, and then the one on the right nodded.

I waited, fingers on the triggers. The slugs would slow the bastards down, but they might not kill them, and in this place, the last thing I needed to try to overcome was a wound from a demigod.

Those took a long time to heal in my own Cross.

I can’t imagine how it’d be here.

But I thought it’d be less than pleasant.

The demigod on the left asked, “Are you a Blood?”

“I am.”

The demigod on the right let out a chirp, and the other nodded.

“You’re searching for the breeders.”

It was my turn to nod, hands tightening on the butts of the Colts.

The demigods laughed, their curious clothing rustling as they did so.

“We came for the breeders, too,” the demigod continued. “But they trapped us here with the iron on the door. Our breeders, they were killed carrying the spawn. We’ve none to rescue, Blood. But there are plenty to kill.”

“Aye,” I agreed, easing the hammers back into place.

The demigods stood, backs bent to keep their heads from striking the ceiling.

“Go save your breeders,” the demigod said. “We will go and avenge ours.”

I holstered the Colts and stepped aside.

The demigods shuffled past me and into the hall.

As I made my way toward another room, I heard a sharp, terrified scream.

It wouldn’t be the last.

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