1931: Surgery


Not what I wanted to see.

I found a nurse standing outside of a surgical room. She was in the process of adjusting her garb when I cut her throat from behind and left her bleeding to death on the linoleum floor.

I pushed open the swinging doors of the surgical chamber and found myself face to face with horror. A young woman lay on an operating table, arms strapped down and legs in stirrups, the feet bolted into place. She struggled against the bonds and the thing clawing its way out of her stomach. I suspect she would have screamed had a great flap of skin not been sewn across her mouth. At some point, someone had removed her eyes as well. This last, however, may have been done as a mercy. The discoloration on her skin and the marks upon it appeared to have been caused by whatever abomination grew within her.

A trio of nurses and a pair of doctors worked around the victim, their voices strained and their focus solely upon the salvation of the child and not the mother.

As I prepared to step forward and kill them all, the young woman’s belly exploded.

A rib shot out, pierced one doctor’s eye and burst from the back of his head as he collapsed to the floor. The woman on the table shuddered and expelled the thing within her half through her stomach and half in what would have been a natural birth.

The thing in her tore her open, and a great, clawed hand snapped out, gripped the closest nurse by the throat and shredded it.

The other two nurses came at the thing with syringes, plunging the needles into its gray-green skin. The other doctor stepped over his dead colleague and tried to wrench the thing from the mother’s corpse. As he did so, a long, black tongue lashed out, snatching first the doctor’s left eye and then his right.

The thing then grabbed the nurses and pulled them into the corpse.

The room shuddered as their legs disappeared into her belly, and then the body collapsed upon itself.

I found myself alone with a screaming doctor and a pair of corpses.

I took a length of surgical tubing and looped it around the doctor’s neck.

He died quicker than the others but not nearly as quickly as he would have liked.

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