They were unimpressed.


With Liu bringing the freed man back to Fengbo, I passed through several rooms. Blood splatter stained the walls, and fragments of bones littered the corners. The fourth room I entered, they were there.

Six guards and their two servants.

They eyed me with disdain, and I could read the boredom on their faces.

They glanced at my weapons and drew their swords. The two servants stepped back and secured the exits to the room.

The thought they believed I might retreat brought a smile to my face, and I cocked the hammers on the Colts’ back.

There was no conversation between us.

They wanted me dead, and I wanted to kill them.

Violence was what we brought to the table, and I showed them what I had.

I killed the servants first, the revolvers thundering in the confines of the room.

My attack caught the guards by surprise, more from who I killed.

Raising their swords, they spread out in a circle. I let them get comfortable and watched how they planted their feet and the positions they assumed. These men were fighters, that was clear.

Perhaps they misunderstood the power in my Colts. Perhaps they just didn’t care.

Either way, it was a massacre.

The men charged as one, swords bright and flashing as they sped in. Several slashed against my chest and arms, but not a single blow budged me.

Two more men fell, their blood pumping out onto the floor. The wounds were fatal, and I stepped to one side as a sword passed through my stomach.

The guard grinned, and I shot him in the gut. When he stumbled back, he left his sword in me.

With the remaining three guards watching, I took the sword from my belly and tossed it aside. As the weapon clattered on the ground, they turned and raced for the doors.

The doors their servants had locked.

I shot each man in the back, and after I reloaded the Colts, I picked up one of the swords. Those few men still alive lay gasping in pain, eyes wide in terror as they watched me finish off the wounded.

I had speakers to rescue and no time to take prisoners of my own.

I picked up a scabbard, buckled it on, and broke down a door. With death behind me, I moved deeper into the prison.

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