February 24


Vengeance and hunger. 

I’d known the Mason family since the first of them arrived in 1740 and settled down in Cross. Most of them weren’t worth much, but Dot, she was as fine a person as could be.

Dot Mason learned how to operate an arc welder during the Second World War. From 1942 to 1945, she worked at a plant in Boston, helping to manufacture parts for various ships. 

When the war ended in August of 1945, Dot eventually returned home to Cross, where she picked up part-time work at several local garages.  

It was at the Olive Street Garage that she met her future husband, Adam Pogan.  

The two were wed in 1946, and by 1947, she had given birth to a pair of sons. On May 14, 1948, Adam was taken arrested for drunk and disorderly after beating Dot severely. Less than a week later, Adam and the boys vanished. The bank foreclosed on the house, and Dot was forced to return to part-time work while living in a rooming house. 

There was a sadness to Dot, and she never remarried. On more than one occasion, I offered to give her a hand, but she never accepted it. Now and again, we met for coffee, but nothing more. We were friends, and I watched her age, as I do everyone.

She remained in Cross, and most people assumed it was in the hopes of her boys returning to her. Eventually, she passed and was buried in Cross Cemetery in 1997. 

On March 18, 2004, her former property was sold again, and the new owners cleared away the brush and debris that had been there since Dot had lived in the home. 

Beneath the debris, a door was discovered. One that I’d helped her build.

It was made of steel and set into concrete, and not only was it padlocked, but it was also welded shut. 

Eventually, the door was removed, and the new owners descended into a small bomb shelter. 

Inside, they found the mummified remains of Adam Pogan and the twin sons.  

Autopsies revealed that the boys had died of blunt force trauma to the head, while Adam had starved to death.  

The bones of the children were broken and gnawed upon. 

A sealed envelope was found tacked above the far wall, and in it was a note. 

He killed my sons because they cried when they were hungry. 

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