February 16


She wasn’t quite human.

She was neither fey nor demon, but some creature I’d not met before.

How she got into my house and into my bed, for that matter, were questions that were never answered.

She never gave me time to.

When I crossed the threshold to my room and saw her sprawled out on my bed, cigarette in hand, I knew I was in trouble. I couldn’t smell the cigarette, despite a cloud of smoke lingering near the ceiling. A raw sexuality exuded from her, but she wasn’t a succubus.

Far from it.

She was something worse.

The stranger sat up in bed, put the cigarette out, and I found I couldn’t move. It was as though my feet were bolted to the floor. My legs would not obey me, but my hands did.

As she eased out of the bed, her movements graceful and seductive, her dressing gown fell away and revealed a smooth, unblemished body of an undeniable beauty. And as my eyes fixated upon her flesh, I saw it. A slow, undulating coil moving just beneath the surface of her skin.

She wasn’t alone in her body.

The stranger licked her lips. Not in an attempt to tease or entice me, but as one would upon seeing an especially savory meal.

I drew the Colts from their holsters and fired but only winged her as she sprang out of the way.

Black blood splattered onto the floor, and the room was rocked again by the roar of the heavy pistols. She sprang at me, but despite my mutinous legs, I was able to crouch and let off another pair of shots. One clipped her thigh, and the other blew out her right knee, sending her into a crashing roll as she landed.

The stranger tried to stand up but dropped down again.

She flashed me a grin full of dull gray, triangular teeth, and I blew her brains out across the floor.

Thousands of worms spilled out of the gaping wound, and my legs obeyed me once more.

I spent the better part of an hour stomping the damned things into the floorboards, then pouring boiling water across the seams.

I’ve no doubt they’ll be a few in my breakfast in the morning, but so long as they leave my coffee alone, I don’t mind.

I don’t mind at all.

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