Fresh Flowers, 1889


She had a fondness for flowers.

May Arnold was not someone I was particularly fond of. She’d followed her uncle into Cross, where he’d set up shop as a cabinet maker. She’d been fifteen at the time and nothing but trouble in the four years since her arrival.

I’ve no issue with a young person working out a bit of the devil, but she took it too far. She seemed to delight in causing pain.

This morning, I found one of the Coffin boys sobbing just near the mouth of my drive. May had given him a bit of candy, and she’d put something in it to make him sick.

Well, I cleaned the boy up and carried him home before I went in search of May.

I found her at her uncle’s place of business, surrounded by a group of sailors who had just come in aboard a schooner that was working the east coast. They’d shipped a bit more water than they liked in the storm the night before last, and so they’d come into the marina for some repairs.

I ignored the woman, which she hated, and stood just inside the door to speak with her uncle. We passed the time for a bit, and I made no mention of the Coffin boy. Instead, I remarked on how there were some curious flowers blooming in the Hollow. Brilliant colors, the likes of which I’d not seen before.

This caught her attention, and I saw her make her excuses before hurrying away.

May couldn’t resist flowers the way small children couldn’t resist candy.

I left her uncle’s and made my way toward the Hollow, keeping a far enough distance from her.

She didn’t turn around a single time.

When she reached the stonewall at North Road, she stopped and peered into Gods’ Hollow, searching for the flowers I’d spoken of.

I saw a frown crease her brow, and as she turned away, she saw me.

“You lied about the flowers, Duncan,” she said, venom in her voice.

I nodded.

A cold, knowing sneer slipped onto her face. “You wanted to be alone with me?”

Again, I nodded.

She folded her arms over her chest. “Are you enamored of me, Duncan Blood?”

“No,” I told her and shot her in the mouth.

Her body sagged, struck the wall, and tumbled over it into the Hollow.

I left the corpse where it lay.

Something in the Hollow would eat it.

Something always did.

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