Cross and Miskatonic University: Experimentation


Curiosity killed them both.

There are some who would say it’s a tragedy when anyone dies.

I’m not one of them.

Yes, there are some who should have lived longer than they did, just as there are some who live longer than they should.

Professors Small and Reynolds fell into the latter category.

On more than one occasion, I had chased both men from not only Gods’ Hollow but from my property as well. The professors were chemists and had a propensity to trespass in order to obtain samples of chemicals and items which were not in abundant supply anywhere else.

From what I gathered, after their accident, they had amassed quite a bit.

Their foolish experimentation with their pilfered goods led to their timely demise.

There are a great many worlds and realities beyond our own. I avoid them whenever possible, and for the safety and sanity of others, I do advise the same.

I never bothered with the two chemists. I have learned that those at Miskatonic, for the most part, do not listen to anything close to reason.

Now, as the sun crested the horizon this morning, the men decided that the Ides of March was as fine a day as any to see what they might be able to do with some of their samples.

They succeeded in opening a door.

At 8:45 AM, a messenger from the school requested my assistance, and while I despise the people there, I cannot let their stupidity harm my town.

When I arrived at the school, I was escorted to the top floor of the Chemistry Building. I entered the main laboratory to find a scene of carnage.

Two piles of flesh and blood-soaked clothes lay in the center of the room. A door, no larger than a textbook, stood open. Several small men, dressed in tailored suits of bright blue and wearing neatly trimmed mustaches, smiled at me as they picked meat from their pointed teeth.

One belched, and his compatriots laughed good-naturedly.

Another of the men bowed and said in immaculate French, “Our apologies for the mess, Mr. Blood.”

Before I could react, they closed the door and locked it shut behind them.

I shook my head and left the room. There was no need for them to apologize.

The mess wasn’t mine to clean.

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