Cross and Miskatonic University: Hubris


They don’t know what they’re dealing with.

For the last year or so, the fools at Miskatonic have let me be.

That’s fine as far as I’m concerned. There are far too many other things for me to be concerned with. The Hollow has been more active of late, as evidenced by the foolhardy move upon the part of the university.

Jack Coffin stopped by this morning for coffee with a drop of whiskey. As we smoked our pipes, he mentioned he had seen a pair of new buildings in Gods’ Hollow, just inside the border and where the stonewall ended.

The news of such an arrival is always of concern, so after we finished our coffee, Jack and I walked to where he had seen the buildings, and sure enough, they were still there.

One was a small house, and the other wasn’t much more than a glorified shed, but their appearance was still a concern.

I considered whether or not to set them both on fire or to merely leave them be to see if the Hollow would send them along to some other place when elements of Miskatonic’s staff arrived. There were several professors, a team of horses, and a half dozen men with a wagon full of equipment.

Neither Jack nor I felt compelled to interact with the newcomers, and instead, we watched them to see what they might do.

The stupidity was stunning.

Several of the men went into the Hollow, clearly uncomfortable with their task.

They went about their job quickly, and within a short time, they had the shed ready to move. As the men hastened out of the Hollow, another man, with an air of uncaring, strolled into the Hollow. He had a pipe held between his teeth, and he walked up to the horses, speaking to them in soft tones as he tried to soothe them.

It was of no use.

The shed came alive.

Multiple thin, wooden arms sprang out from the building’s sides, dragging the man and the horses into the gaping mouth that the door had transformed into.

The screams of the man and horses were short-lived.

The monster that was the shed settled down, arms vanishing, mouth closing. Blood cooled into the snow, and those from Miskatonic fled the Hollow.

It’s a pity more weren’t eaten.

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