Cross and Miskatonic University: Trespassing


They have no sense of boundaries.

The University had built the library, and they were working on the next building when word came to me about the trespassers on my land.

According to the ghost who brought me the information, the University was constructing a chimney on one of the islands.

The fact that they were able to cross Blood Lake without being molested by any of the fell creatures in the water led me to believe that my damned mother had something to do with it.

I loaded my shotgun with birdshot, and with some extra rounds tucked into my pocket, I went out to Liar’s Island, one of the smallest of them. It took a good hour to paddle out to it, and I was in no mood for foolishness when I pulled the canoe up onto the island’s only sandy spot. There was a larger, flat-bottomed boat as well and a well-worn path that stretched up and into the interior.

The sight of it set my teeth on edge, and I followed the trail of the interlopers.

When I arrived at the scene of the intrusion, I found a single man, one I recognized from the University.

His name was Bernard Laufey, and he was a professor who specialized in classical Greek. He was, according to the University library, there to approve or disapprove of volumes to include in the collection.

The man was standing not in front of a chimney but before a furnace.

I didn’t bother asking him anything.

I pulled the trigger and shot him in the back of the legs.

He went down screaming, rolling over onto his side as I reloaded the weapon, the shell casings hot against my fingers.

Laufey stared at me in horror, and he struggled to face me.

I shook my head and aimed the weapon at him.

“Why?” I asked.

He pressed his lips together and refused to speak.

I shot him in the face, blinding him before I strode forward and dragged him by the hair to the open mouth of the furnace where fresh kindling had been laid.

As the man tried to escape, I took out my matches, set the kindling ablaze, and waited for the man to die.

It took a long time for it to happen.

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