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Flashback to 10/23/2018!

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Gregoire were charitable to a fault.

James and his wife Bethany did extremely well when the rest of the country suffered during the stock market crash of the early 20th century, and so they felt compelled to assist others. They lent their efforts to a wide variety of causes and charities, and often they bemoaned the fact that so few people in Cross wanted their help.

When they discovered an abandoned pet cemetery far from the town’s well-trodden paths, the Gregoires threw themselves into the task of cleaning up the burial ground. They reset some of the stones, ordered new ones to replaced damaged or unreadable markers from the local stonemasons, and put forth a great effort to help people remember the love and affection of ‘our dear little friends.’

Unfortunately, the Gregoires had not discovered a pet cemetery.

What sort of burial ground it had been has never been determined.

When the bodies of Elizabeth and James were discovered on October 23, 1921, they were both stripped bare and hung by their ankles in the nearby trees. An examination of the bodies showed that all the innards had been removed, although there was no evidence as to how it was done. The corpses were bloodless and without any apparent trauma.

The forest has once more claimed the small cemetery, and the citizens of Cross are more than happy to leave it as it stands.

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