Disaster and Calamity: Ice Storm



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The fact that no one was killed when Emma Haight set fire to her husband’s place of employment never ceases to amaze me.

Emma was a bright woman and an individual who was certifiably insane. Her husband, Jacob, knew this when he married her, and tried his best to do right by her. He loved her, and he had since they were both five years old.

Emma loved him to be certain. That was underlined by the fact that she waited to set fire to his workplace when he was at lunch. She wanted everyone to die except for Jacob.

What Emma didn’t know, and what I had quite honestly forgotten, was that the upper floor of the building was occupied by a frost giant.

Kaempe Stor had arrived from Denmark sometime in the early 18th century, and he had traveled the United States, finally settling down in Cross in 1798. He had been tucked away on my farm for several decades, then secreted over to the Coffins. After that, he sort of wandered to and fro, depending upon his whim. At the close of the 19th century, he had been given the top floor of the Coffin Building, and he was such a quiet sleeper that we all forgot he was there.

Evidently, the fire and the noise of the engines had awakened him, and when everyone went running hellbent for leather from the building, Kaempe Stor put the fire out.

He also coated the majority of downtown in a fine layer of ice.

Emma is now confined to home and has a pair of nurses who look after her while Jacob is at work. Kaempe Stor is sleeping again, and I’m wondering how in the hell I can forget about a frost giant.

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