War: 8.14.1930


They wouldn’t stay dead.

Oh, they weren’t like the first ones I encountered here. Far from it. These damned fools were knocked down and killed, only to get back up a few minutes later.

I decided to sit and eat my lunch today. If I had eaten it on the go, as I have most days, then I wouldn’t have been spotted by the confused undead who attempted to take my position.

I’d been sitting, eating, minding my business, and contemplating the lighting of a pipe. The weather was chilly, and a pipe is always a pleasure.

As I finished my meal and took out my pipe, I saw them.

They were creeping steadily toward my position, using old trenches and dugouts to try and hide their advance.

It didn’t work.

With a sigh, I brought the BAR up, sighted on the nearest man, and shot him in the chest, knocking him back into the trench he’d just climbed out of. I picked two more men and shot them as well and, I will admit, I was feeling confident that the lot of them would clear out at that point.

I was wrong.

They kept coming. Not only did they continue their advance, but within a few minutes, those I’d shot were back on their feet alongside their comrades.

It put me out of sorts, I don’t mind saying.

Well, I focused on several others, shot them, and kept the closest ones at bay with suppressing fire. As I kept an eye on the newly minted dead, I was disheartened to see that they too got to their feet. For a moment, they stood there and were utterly confused.

Within a few minutes, however, they joined the attack again.

This went on for about an hour, and my temper was getting the better of me.

Angrily, I stood up and emptied two full magazines of the BAR into the men.

They all fell, and I gathered up my belongings. I went down the hill and reached the point they had started at, got comfortable behind a tree, and waited for them to renew the attack against me.

After several minutes, the men were up, and they reached where I had been. The lot of them looked down, confused, and as one, they shrugged, shouldered their weapons, and marched away.

I did the same.

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