Chasing Them Down: Day 4


Long Beach in York, Maine is a beautiful place, but Redd Martin wasn’t happy about dying there.

I’d found him walking alone in an ill-fitting suit and trying to blend in with folk he didn’t know the first thing about. He stuck out, and that was a plain and simple fact.

In the few days since the death of Emily Anne, Redd had managed to get up to York and find a job with a cousin at the Hall Estate, which was at the end of Long Beach and had the finest view of the Atlantic one could expect from York. I had to admit; it was a damned pretty sight.

Redd didn’t try and run from me when I approached him, although he did attempt to pull a small pistol.

It was an act he regretted almost instantly.

I broke his index finger and his thumb taking the pistol from him, and then I bent the barrel beating him with it.

As the sun started to set, I dragged him over to a set of rocks I’d seen him walk past earlier in the day, and I hauled him into a spot where we could have a little privacy. Once we were there, Redd became anxious. He knew as I did that, the tide would be coming in soon, and the little spot I had selected would be underwater.

I don’t doubt he knew what I had planned.

He tried to get away, and I was forced to break both his arms to keep him in place. I told him I’d move on to his legs if he kept it up, and I think he took that warning as a sign that I might not kill him.

Redd knew me, though, so I’m still not quite certain why he didn’t think he’d get what he was owed.

As we sat there, waiting for the tide, I asked him where I might find his other two brothers. He kept his mouth closed in response.

I asked him again, and when he didn’t answer, I scalped him.

He fainted from the pain, but he woke up when I splashed some saltwater on his head.

Redd refrained from telling me the destination of his siblings, which meant more work for me.

Still, he died with his scalp stuffed in his mouth while the moon rose over the Atlantic.

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