In Gods’ Hollow: May 22, 1912


The conversations didn’t stop until I killed the man closest to me.

When that happened, silence swept over the hall, and they all looked upon the boys and me with disdain.

One man stood up, wiped his mouth with a napkin, and asked, “What do you want here, Duncan Blood?”

A single shot through his left eye answered his question, and as the body collapsed, I stated, “There are knives on the tables, boys.”

My guns roared, the men died, and the battle was joined.

Unlike those in the previous rooms, these men tried to escape, and I saw why.

The centerpiece of each table was a menu. Each menu had a different photograph of a boy upon it, and below that photo was a list of the different meals prepared with the remains of the child.

The cannibals fled the room, and we followed.

None of them tried to fight, and dozens fell beneath my guns and the flashing knives of the children. We left a swath of carnage behind us, and when we reached the far door, we were bespattered with blood and screaming with a lust for the same.

Those on the other side of the door sought to lock us out, but my Colts took care of that, and within moments we were through the door. The men raced down a long and narrow hallway, and I gunned them down as fast as I could pull the trigger.

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