In Gods’ Hollow: May 21, 1912


Every man I saw died from my guns.

The Colts hammered away at the men standing among the boys, splashing blood and brains and bones out over the gathered children, all of whom cheered as it occurred.

More men came in through the doors on either side of the balcony and drew long-knives from sheathes and fell upon the boys.

I’ve never experienced such rage before in my life.

While some of the boys who had come with me descended to the gymnasium floor to help defend their brethren, I attacked the cowards killing the boys on the balcony. Grimnir took wing and attacked the nearest man, tearing out eyes and throat. Someone called out my name, and for a moment, there was a lull in the battle.

The men knew who I was, as did the boys. My name gave the children hope and caused fear to spring up in the eyes of the men.

My guns started up the battle once more, and I killed every man I saw. Others tried to come through the doors, but the boys had learned that hard lesson. They threw their weight against the doors, keeping them closed as best they could, and every door that opened more than an inch got a bullet sent into the darkness.

Soon, the doors were all sealed, and we paused to catch our breath. The boys clambered down to the main floor, and I followed a moment later. The bodies of the slain children burned in my eyes and caused my face to flush with rage. In silence, I reloaded my Colts.

There was one man left alive, pale, and bleeding to death on the parquet floor. I crouched down beside him and he tried to turn his head. I caught his hair, jerked his face toward me and smiled.

“How far am I from finding Johnny Coffin?” I asked.

He snarled at me, and I shattered his teeth with the butt of a Colt. His shrill scream filled the air. I let him suffer for a moment longer; then I strangled him to death.

The boys, bloodied, battered, and victorious, peered at me.

“Are you ready?” I asked them in a low voice.

They nodded.

“Then let’s get to killing,” I told them.

The boys were eager for blood, and so was I.

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