Recollections, 1960: The Hollow, May 1910


We found their warren.

The ravens and I entered Gods’ Hollow at dawn and moved out across the dew-damp grass. Unseen animals scurried away from me as I pushed forward, the ravens circling above, calling out to one another and to me.

The Hollow seemed to know why I was there, and it did not approve.

As I walked through the grass, the sun rising first on my left, then my right, and then back to my left, the tree-line drew farther back. Even the ravens had a difficult time trying to keep pace with it.

Not until the one-eyed raven settled on my shoulder, his weight heavy and comforting did the landscape of the Hollow come to a grinding halt. The earth shuddered beneath my feet and the trees shook as they stopped.

Within half an hour, the sun was where it should be, and the ravens and I entered the tree-line.

The animals in the woods whispered, and the trees shied away from us. Several times I caught sight of the creatures I was hunting, but they always slipped away before I could fire a weapon.

It was for the best. I might never have found the warren had I given any of them chase.

At close to noon, we came upon an old and battered structure. Once, long ago, it had been part of a mill that had sat close to Blood Lake. The Hollow had stolen it though, and the years within the confines of that place had not done the structure any good.

As I drew nearer, I heard the creatures flee from me, leaving behind their own aged and infirm. Among these thin and wasted remnants, I found the bodies of my friends who had gone missing.

In the cool shadows of the forest, I gut show the creatures and sat down nearby to watch the ravens feast on the dying.

The one-eyed raven remained on my shoulder, letting out the occasional, approving cry.

As the sun sank towards the horizon, the ravens brought a gift of flesh to the one-eyed raven and myself. An eye for each of us. Together, the raven and I ate, and then we led his flock home.

We would hunt again soon.

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