Disaster and Calamity: Fools


If you don’t think fools constitute a disaster, then you may wish to reconsider your stance on the matter.

Daniel and Eliza Bliss owned a large and spacious home on the edge of the Cross River, close to the southwestern border of the town. They were adamant that they had wrested the building from a large and ugly man, who, they assured everyone, had been squatting on the property. Most of the town thought that the Bliss couple were nothing more than foolish braggarts.

Unfortunately, they were simply fools.

Daniel and Eliza had indeed taken the home away from an ugly man, but it had been his by rights. Although they were not any rights with which the happy couple was familiar. He was a troll and a rather angry one at that. After his eviction, which was done with a copious amount of Christianity and sunlight, he came to me to complain.

After three nights of arguments, I managed to convince him not to devour downtown in his anger. I told him that the rest of Cross shouldn’t be held accountable for the bad acts of Daniel and Eliza. In the end, he agreed and decided upon a different method of revenge.

Shortly after sundown on a beautiful Wednesday evening, the ground beneath the center of the Bliss homestead collapsed. Daniel and Eliza were buried beneath several floors of rubble and earth. All attempts to recover the bodies were discouraged. The ground was unstable that close to the river.

The following Friday, I was invited to the troll’s new home in a large and beautiful cave on one of my islands. There I enjoyed his home-brewed beer and chatted with him as he roasted Daniel and Eliza, basting them with his magnificent beer.

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