Disaster and Calamity: Debris


There are times when I think that the Gods in the Hollow have a terrible sense of humor.

A perfect example of this was during a heavy windstorm which took place on October 15th, 1909. It was one of the worst storms I could remember, and by far the worst I had experienced on land.

A great many outbuildings were destroyed, and more than a few head of livestock were lost. Several people went missing, and two others were crushed when a house was dropped onto them.

Yes, a house.

And this is why I believe the Gods in the Hollow have a sense of humor.

The house wasn’t from Cross. I don’t know where it was from. Nor were six of the eight people killed.

The two from Cross had been rushing to get home, seeking to find shelter from the heavy rains and winds. By the time they were within a hundred feet of their home, the interloper house crashed on them and crushed them into the street.

When I went into the house, I found an additional six bodies. All were damaged by the storm and scorched by lightning. The house stank of burnt flesh, and as I attempted to discover who they were, the corpses rose and attacked.

I didn’t bother to ask why, or to seek any answers. Instead, I seized a broken table leg and defended myself. It took me fifteen minutes of hard fighting, but in the end, I had succeeded in crushing the skulls of all six.

Yes, the Gods in the Hollow have an interesting sense of humor, and I hate them for it.

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