Disaster and Calamity: Opened Doors


I am constantly amazed at how stupid the intelligent can be.

October of 1926 is a prime example of stupidity combined with arrogance.

Members of the Dead Languages Department of the Cross Branch of Miskatonic University discovered a painting of a door, upon the back of which was a lengthy inscription in the Latin Vulgate. Despite the misgivings by other members of the staff, and possibly because of my insistence that they leave the words alone and untranslated, the professors did the exact opposite.

And they paid for their arrogance with their lives.

The painting became a true door, one which burst open, allowing twenty-seven heavily armed men to pour through. They quickly killed the majority of professors and students in the room who had entered to observe any reactions, and then they took up residence on the third floor of the building, fortifying it and holding it against members of the Cross Militia.

There was no time to spare, for I suspected that they were merely a holding force, a group sent in to secure a beachhead, one which would allow for a greater number of troops to enter our world.

With the militia providing support, I fought my way into the building and up to the third floor. I succeeded in entering the classroom, and what ensued was one of the bloodiest fights I have ever participated in.

The men I fought were efficient and determined and had I not more experience with death, I doubt I would have won through. As it was, I suffered grievous injuries, which took me days to recover from.

The dead I sent back through the door, then burned it down. We sealed off the classroom, and so it remains to this day. A cautionary and unheeded tale.

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