From the 1961 Journal of Duncan Blood: Sports


Cross houses a branch of Miskatonic University, and one of the first athletic team formed was a rowing team. The student-athletes were skilled and determined, reflecting their educational abilities on the water.

While the Cross Branch was fine with traveling to other universities and colleges to compete, they never offered to host a competition. Far from it. The Cross River was far too dangerous, too unpredictable to allow for strangers to be upon it.

Several times the team won their competitions easily, and there were some less than pleased losers from other schools.

In 1939, Wilson University in Worcester lost by a large margin. The Wilson rowers and their coach were so enraged that they planned to exact a terrible revenge on the Miskatonic boys. Nearly a week after the race, the Wilson team made their way up to Boston, then down to Cross. They snuck onto the marina where the Miskatonic boats were kept and planned on wreaking havoc upon the slim vessels.

What happened exactly, no one knows.

I saw the bodies, and even I don’t know for certain what happened. There simply wasn’t enough left of them.

We found a fair amount of skin, nearly all the hair, and a few of the teeth. The rest of the bodies, including the clothing, was gone.

There were no tracks or traces to search, and, to be honest, no one in authority had the stomach for it.

As for myself, I didn’t care. They got what they deserved.

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