From the 1961 Journal of Duncan Blood: Main Street


Cross has had its share of troubles. Including long days of unrest which resulted in extreme unpleasantness.

Perhaps the finest example of this is an attempted riot in 1907.

There had been some labor union issues in towns around Cross, and for some reason, it spilled over our border. No one is sure why, or how, a riot almost occurred but it did.

It was a cool morning midway through October, and the world wasn’t quite as kind as it could be in Cross. In fact, it was the worst I had seen in quite some time .

On that particular morning, I was sitting in a restaurant, enjoying a cup of coffee, and watching people go back and forth. There were a great many of them on Main Street, and I found it interesting to see which of them was going to cause trouble.

I didn’t know the gentlemen, but I could see by the way he walked and the way he addressed others, that he had every intention of making the morning difficult. No sooner had I thought this than he stopped on the corner nearest to me and began harassing anyone he could get ahold of.

To be honest, I was not in a forgiving mood as I finished my coffee and paid my bill. When I walked outside I could hear the man talking, he was speaking nonsense, rambling on about politics, the struggles of workers, and just complaining if that’s not putting too fine a point on it. Slowly, people gathered around him, yet even from where I stood, I could see a pistol in the waistband of his pants.

I suppose that some people may consider my next action rash.

That’s fine, they can think it all they want. I felt it was necessary to shoot the man and leave him in the street.

I like my town quiet and with as few idiots as possible.

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