From the 1961 Journal of Duncan Blood: York’s School


The rumor around Cross is that the bricks of old York’s school are stained with the blood of children.

Like most of Cross, and I suppose like most small towns, there is a bit of truth to this story. The bricks are stained, and they are stained with blood.

It is not with the blood of children.

Merely that of their parents.

The school was built in 1848 by Jonathan York. It was originally designed to educate some of the more well-to-do children of the Boston elite. The school lived up to its original purpose for 60 years. By that time, some of the alumni had seen their own children attend the school, and then their grandchildren were enrolled.

The second generation of alumni lacked the humility and intelligence of their parents. As a single body, they sought to enforce their will upon Elena Coffin.

Ms. Coffin had little patience for stupidity. The constant demands, threats, and attempts at blackmail finally brought her to the end of her tether.

On September 15th, 1908, she invited the parents of her students to visit her one evening at the school. All of them attended

No one is quite certain as to what happened that night. However, when the students arrived the next morning from their dormitory in Cross, the bricks of the schoolhouse we’re no longer a soft yellow.

They were stained red. The tattered clothes of their parents were piled beneath the tree. Ms. Coffin was nowhere to be found. Inside, on the chalkboard, were the names of all the parents, and besides each name was their time of death. One after the other, for thirty-nine minutes.

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