From the 1961 Journal of Duncan Blood: 3 Elm St


The house is small, quaint, and painted in the vibrant colors of the Victorian era. Built-in 1881 by Josiah Glass, it has been empty since 1891, when Josiah gathered up his mail from the postman, waved farewell to that esteemed gentleman and went back inside. Once there, Josiah organized his mail, took out a rope, and hung him from the railing of the second-floor landing.

No one purchased the home, nor did anyone seem interested.

In 1894, a brown mare was found tied to a hitching post nearby, but no one claimed her.

A two-person hack was found several months later. Then another horse and walking sticks.

In 1895, someone was finally seen entering the house. The police entered shortly thereafter and found nothing except for a dozen pairs of shoes, for both sexes and of varying sizes, set neatly in the master bedroom by the closet, the door to which was open.

In 1899, the police caught a young woman attempting to enter the house. When she was questioned, she replied she was going to kill herself. The closet in the master bedroom was where they all went to die, she informed them.

She offered to show them the truth of her statement, and they brought her to the house. None of the officers believed her, thinking that she would change her story once they entered the house.

Instead of changing her story, she led them to the second-floor bedroom with the shoes. Smiling at them, she took her shoes off, set them along the wall with the others. She waved goodbye, opened the closet door, and stepped inside.

The young woman vanished.

Later that day, the house was condemned, and by the end of the week, it was destroyed.

Still, cars can be found parked nearby. Cars with out-of-state plates. Near the walkway of the house is a growing collection of shoes, each neatly lined up with others of their kind.

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