From the 1961 Journal of Duncan Blood: Sight


Professor Karl Muller arrived in Cross in 1906. He was an esteemed professor of optometry and one who made it a point to study every aspect of his scientific field. Early in 1904, he had discovered the existence of a separate plane, one which bordered our own and, in rare places, crossed over. Through insightful research and exploration, Professor Muller learned that Cross was a fantastic example of such a border and decided to travel from his native city of Munich.

Once in Cross, Professor Muller came and spoke with me about the existence of alternate realities, and I confirmed his theories. I also suggested that he forgo any sort of personal examination with the assistance of eyeglasses. Things were horrific without them.

Professor Muller gently disregarded my advice, thanked me for my additional information, and asked to be pointed in the direction of Gods’ Hollow.

I sent him the other way.

Unfortunately for Professor Muller, he eventually found the Hollow, and the creatures in the Hollow, those things which choose not to be seen, found him.

According to eyewitness reports, Professor Karl Muller ran naked down the center of Main Street. His clothes had been torn from him a fact evident by the severe lacerations he was bleeding from. The glasses he had created were still upon him, and everywhere he looked, he let out a maddened shriek.

Professor Muller had nearly reached the door to his rented house when something unseen lifted him up off the ground and made away with him.

His belongings are still in the unclaimed evidence warehouse of the Cross Police Station, along with those of a great many other people.

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