August 30, 1954

I gathered up my few belongings and the dead who wished to travel with me.

I scoured the grounds one last time, searching desperately – and in vain – for any living person who was trapped within the confines of the orphanage and the asylum.

When everything was searched, when I had exhausted all available options, I returned to the worst of the places.

I went to the surgical theaters where they had butchered the living and tortured the same.

I returned to the places where the children had been forced to eat the dead.

I went into rooms where they had been locked away to starve and to die.

I remembered the living and the dead, for there was no one else to do so.

In the end, I set fire to the buildings as I had promised I would.

As day eased into night and the flames devoured the buildings, I listened to the screams of those who didn’t know why they were dying again and the rejoicing of those who did.

#horror #CrossMassachusetts #monsters #supernatural #skulls #death #fear #evil #horrorobsessed #scary #ghosts #DuncanBlood #asylum #insane #ghoststories


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Nicholas Efstathiou

Husband, father, and writer.

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