August 28, 1954


The photograph was tucked between the pages of a journal marked, ‘Property of Dr. Emil Davis.’

It is a wonderful image, revealing young children, all of whom were orphans, according to Dr. Davis. On the back of the photograph I found information which horrified me and caused my heart to leap into my throat.

On the back of the photograph is a list of sixteen names. In addition to the names are the children’s ages, birthdates, and basic statistics regarding height, weight, and ethnicity.

At that point, however, it becomes terrifying.

Dr. Davis assigned each child a number, and each number corresponded to a page in his journal. There, within the confines of the paper, Dr. Davis wrote down, in minute detail, the method in which he killed every orphan. Not only did he include the method, but the time it took and the amount of effort he had to exert in order to kill his test subject.

I stared at the photograph for a long time, and then I put it in my pocket.

There was nothing more I could do.

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