August 25, 1954


Sadism ran deep in the asylum.

I do not know which one of the administrators brought the clowns and the elephant in, but the man’s depravity knew no end.

I found the photograph in a small room, where a mural of the circus was painted on the wall. Small beds with iron frames were bolted to the floor, and all the mattresses were gone. There were bars on the windows, of course, and all the glass had been broken out. The single door to the room had a dozen locks upon it, all of which were accessible only from the outer hallway.

In every corner of the room and across the floor, were bones.

The skeletal remains of adults, not children, and the skeleton of an elephant. In one corner, half-hidden beneath the elephant’s skull, I could the blood-stained costumes of the clowns in the photograph.

When I picked up one of the finger bones, I discovered small bite marks on it, and my heart skipped a beat as I realized what had happened.

The clowns and the elephant had been brought in to entertain the children, and I am certain they did. Then, someone locked the children back in their room and fed them the entertainers.

Whether they were all slain at once, or singly, I do not know. It is evident, however, that they were still in their costumes when they were fed to the children.

I looked at the gouges and wondered how a man could live with himself, and I thought hard about what I’d like to do to such a man.

I put the bone in my pocket and went in search of records.

I have had quite enough.

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