August 16, 1954


I found the nurses’ quarters today. Like most large hospitals and asylums, the staff lived on the grounds. Somewhere, I know, the doctors’ homes will be found, but today, today belonged to the nurses.

The rooms were stripped, for the most part, gutted and barren of any sign of life. Others looked as though they had been only recently vacated, and those were the rooms I was most concerned with. I expected to be ambushed, and I am pleased to say I was not.

The last set of rooms were strange. There was a curious odor in the air as if someone had lit match after match. The stink of sulfur was strong, stinging my nose and causing my eyes to water. I found dried blood and bits of hair clinging to desiccated pieces of skin.

In the last hallway, leading through the rooms to another exit, I found the shoes.

They were plain, no-nonsense shoes, and it looked as though someone had stepped out of them.

When I bent down and examined them, the leather was still warm, though cooling to the touch.

The smell of sulfur which had faded was present once more.

I don’t know where the woman went who had been in the shoes, but I felt it in my best interest to leave the nurses’ quarters.

I had no desire to have my empty boots beside the vanished woman’s shoes.

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