August 8, 1954


I confess the tunnel gave me cause for alarm.

I discovered the tunnel shortly after dawn, and I went into it well prepared. My Colts were loaded, my pack was on my back, and I entered it with the confidence of three hundred years of combat experience.

It was barely enough.

There were creatures in the tunnel I had never encountered before. Creatures which could absorb the impact and damage of three, .44s before collapsing. These beasts were quick too, remarkably so. It seemed that they used the shadows to move. Not merely as cover as I fired, but to slip into on the left side and reappear on the right, or to attack from behind.

I don’t know how many of them I fought or how many I killed. They took their dead and their wounded with them.

We fought for hours. Most of the time was spent testing each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They were not fools. They attacked with precision and an understanding of tactics which I have rarely seen. Several attempted to sacrifice themselves in order to allow their brethren to seize me.

I blew their brains out over the walls of the tunnel.

Finally, in an act of desperation, I took some of my spare clothes and set them on fire, robbing the creatures of the shadows they preferred.

With this reprieve, I was able to retreat and seal off the room I had originally entered in. Soon, I hope I will find the opposite end of the tunnel.

I would hate for the creatures to find me while I slept.

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