July 31, 1920


In the end, I proved myself a liar.

I entered Mrs. Orlando’s estate a little past dawn, shortly after the changing of the guards. The undead had gone to their hideaways, and the living were stepping out to take up their positions around the grounds.

I locked the living out and proceeded to kill the vampires. It is easy work, when vengeance is a motivator, and when equipped with the appropriate tools.

I worked my way up, room by room, and floor by floor. Every living and undead thing I found, I killed. Men and women fell in time with the thunderous roars of the Colts, and my hands ached when I finished with them. I lost track of the number I killed between the front door and that of Mrs. Orlando’s.

By the time I reached her, it was 7:31 in the evening, an apt and fortuitous time. I broke open the door to her rooms, killed her maid and her servant, as well as the three men guarding her.

I took my time with Mrs. Orlando. Unlike the other women in her organization, she was neither strong, nor was she stoic.

She was a fainthearted screamer, and she died at 9:55 PM.

Far earlier than I planned.

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