July 30, 1920


She has hidden herself away in a place she believes to be unassailable.

During the day, the grounds of her estate are patrolled by police and dogs. After nightfall, the undead guard it.

I am in a place where I am unseen and undetected, two entirely different situations when the undead are concerned.  At midnight tonight, Mrs. Orlando will receive a letter, one which informs her she has less than twelve hours to live. Another letter will follow on its heels, giving her a countdown of the number of minutes.

I have planned for the attack and can do no more at this point. All I can do is stay where I am.

So, I will remain in my hide, keep an eye on the guards, and wait for my moment to strike. I have enough food and water to be comfortable and alert. My weapons are with me, the Colts fully loaded. There is a comforting weight to them, a weight which changes when they’re fired.

The wind shifted a minute ago, carrying with it the stench of her home. Despite the foulness of the odor, I did smile.

The rank, fetid odor of fear was upon it.

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