July 29, 1920


I am intrigued by Mrs. Orlando.

She has yet to fully understand her situation. The woman has attempted to kill me and bribe me. She now has enlisted the assistance of the police department in protecting her. Not only has she brought in the police department, but she has brought in police dogs as well.

This situation, while not pleasing, is interesting.

For one, I am curious as to what she has said to the police. I doubt she has bribed every officer guarding her estate. Perhaps one or two at a higher level, but not all the men patrolling her grounds.

I have approached one gentleman, handing three magnificent hounds, and asked him what the occasion was. He replied that he didn’t know and that he merely went where he was told. I told him I could appreciate that, having served overseas with the British.

He, for his part, had served with the Canadians before America entered the war. We had a rather long and pleasant chat about comrades no longer with us, and then we parted ways.

I have sent her another letter, letting Mrs. Orlando know the exact number of hours she has left to live. My coffee is nearly ready, and I think I’ll read Chambers’, The King in Yellow this evening.

Perhaps I will clean my Colts as well.

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