July 28, 1920


This morning I had a visitor by the name of Charles M. Watson. Mr. Watson, an eminent lawyer out of Harvard, represents the interests of Mrs. Orlando and her organization.

Over several cups of coffee, Mr. Watson presented Mrs. Orlando’s desire a truce between her organization and myself. Through Mr. Watson, she offered me a tremendous amount of incentives. There was no threatening. Not even a hint of terrible deeds to occur should I turn down her offer.

Mr. Watson is an extremely eloquent man. His manners are impeccable, and his ability to carry on a conversation is quite impressive.

He enjoyed my coffee, liberally dosed with apple schnapps, and the tobacco which I had to offer.

In the end, I had to tell him that while I appreciated his efforts, I was going to have to refuse the offer made to me. I stressed to him that none of this would have happened had she not, in the end, written the orders for the bombing of the train which had claimed the lives of my friends.

Mr. Watson understood, of course, although he was quite surprised, at the end of our conversation, when I shot him twice in the chest.

I truly did regret his murder, but I needed him to deliver a very specific message to his employer.

It is now nine in the evening as I write this.

His head should be arriving at Mrs. Orlando’s estate shortly.

I trust she’ll understand my message.

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