July 26, 1920


I am impressed with the lengths Mrs. Orlando is going to protect herself.

At her estate on the outskirts of Newburyport, Massachusetts, she has established a broad perimeter, one which is heavily guarded by troops with obvious combat experience. In addition to this, she has brought in an armored vehicle, which I assume she will use for any future events she must attend. Most impressive, however, is the small group of aeroplanes she has gathered. All are from the Great War. Several from France, at least one from Britain, and two more from Germany. The pilots are all effective as well. They fly extremely well, and the machines are equipped with machineguns, truly an impressive feat.

What Mrs. Orlando has failed to realize, however, is the basic vulnerability of such a machine. The men are aloft in nothing more than canvas and wood. Neither of which is particularly effective when it comes to stopping a bullet.

While I am not a sharpshooter, I am fully capable of hitting a vehicle as large as an aeroplane. On this occasion, I was able to kill the pilot, who crashed into the small building housing some of the other pilots.

I have penned a short letter and have had it sent to Mrs. Orlando. The gist of the missive is simple enough.

I will kill her on July 31, 1920 and she would do well to get her affairs in order.

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