July 25, 1920


Mrs. Orlando did an admirable act today. She attempted to hold a rally for her supporters, to show them she was still in control and that there was nothing to fear. There was no boogeyman, according to her, and they need not live in fear of a man who did not truly exist. Yes, horrific accidents and brutal incidents had occurred, but they were all coincidental.

The boogeyman was not real.

When her assistant, a fine, upstanding gentleman by the name of Henry Worthington left the stage to fetch the eminent leader some water, he never returned. Eventually, they went in search of him, but others found him first.

It is difficult to miss a fire, and nearly impossible to mistake the stench of burning flesh.

I slew Henry quickly, and only because it served me to do so. I tied his corpse to a pole and set his body on fire.

The smell of roasting human flesh and pork loin are nearly indistinguishable.

I hope all of Mrs. Orlando’s loyal troops remember that.

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