July 22, 1920


Only one leader remains. The head of the proverbial snake. There is, however, an entire organization still to consider.

And the idea that I might torment the leader until I bring death to her.

The information I have gathered since the attack on July 1st has enabled me to prepare a detailed plan of attack, and tonight, I have carried out the first strike.

In the city of Boston, I went to the largest of the organization’s barracks. Here, they brought visiting dignitaries, specialists in weapons and arms, propaganda and manufacturing. I was able, despite the unwillingness of the guards and the clerk, able to learn that there were forty-three such foreign specialists staying at the barracks.

With the guards and the clerk dead, I chained the doors, set my incendiaries, and retired to a building across the street with a small but quite capable rifle.

For nearly three hours, I watched the building burn. With my rifle, I killed anyone who tried to escape through the windows.

I retreated before Boston Police discovered me, narrowly avoiding them on several occasions. While I am exhausted, I am pleased.

Tomorrow I will continue to destroy the organization.

Tonight, I will enjoy my coffee and my brandy, a good book, and pleasant dreams of revenge.

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