July 21, 1920


I have a great deal of respect for librarians. More often than not, they themselves are repositories of information. So, it was with a tremendous amount of frustration when I realized the next target on the list was Mr. Garth Redd. He was an excellent historian and writer, a traveler of some renown, and a man whose books I enjoyed tremendously.

He was also, it appeared, a vampire.

It was he who had established the guards at Mr. Tregaskis’ estate, and it was he, I discovered, who coordinated the assaults.

Mr. Redd’s home was in Newburyport, Massachusetts, and it was surprisingly unguarded. Whether this was because he thought he was untouchable, or whether he believed himself to be too strong for any to attempt an attack upon him, I will never know.

I entered his house at a little past one in the afternoon and found him in his study. He was surprised and bid me to sit down. As we conversed, I had my Colts out, and he frequently looked at them with an amused smile. Finally, as we finished discussing the events which had led us to our current situation, he asked me, “What do you think those will do, Mr. Blood?”

I put two rounds into his head and was over the desk before his body hit the floor. He was still smiling as his skull stitched itself back together, but the smile transformed into a furious snarl when I drove a long, thin spike of ash into his heart, nailing him to the floor. In a matter of seconds, I had tossed my Colts aside and drawn out my Bowie knife. With skills honed over centuries of hunting, I boned and dismembered Mr. Redd in minutes. I nailed each limb to the floor, severed his head, threw it into a bag lined with garlic, and smashed it beneath my boots.

For three hours, I wrestled with the limbs, but in the end, I had the vampire contained. It would take me the better part of the night to destroy him completely, but it was done.

Tomorrow, I will write a long letter of appreciation to Colt firearms.

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