July 20, 1920


Under normal circumstances, their plan of attack would have worked out well. In theory, I should have been at a disadvantage, regardless of the fact that I was on my own property.

The strategy of maintaining pressure was a smart one, and the fact that they used a large number of men was tactically sound.

Attacking me was not.

While I may seem to live alone, I do not. There are a great many creatures on the Blood lands who can remain unseen when they so choose. When the soldiers of the Organization – I have no better name for it at this time – unloaded from their trucks and advanced upon my home, I knew of it immediately. I knew, too, how many there were, the fact that they were dressed in German uniforms, and carrying German weapons.

When they were within firing range, I used my rifle quite effectively.

Within minutes, I had slain seven of them. Three more were wounded, and the other twenty fled. They were not soldiers, merely men pretending at it.

They did not get far.

My dogs turned the men back toward me, and other, less pleasant creatures kept the men from escaping into the forest.

The fighting was done rather quickly, and for the first time in nearly a year, my dogs feasted upon the flesh of men.

As did I.

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