July 12, 1920


Robert Chambers was certainly important in the movement. And in Boston society. When I found him, he was exiting the mayor’s office, where he had evidently collected a sizeable donation for his organization. I then trailed Mr. Chambers to his office. He was an attorney of some note, specializing in defense.

From his office, the good Mr. Chambers went on to a private club, then from the club, he proceeded to a well-appointed – and guarded – apartment building. It took me only a matter of minutes to gain access to the structure, and to find where he was.

His apartment, like the building itself, was guarded. The two men standing watch outside the door were ‘pugs,’ old time boxers who could take a few hits and who didn’t mind going toe to toe with someone.

Of course, they expected to deal with overzealous individuals with little or no experience in the realm of fighting. I, on the other hand, had little patience this evening. I’d been hunting for answers since the incident, and I wanted them sooner rather than later.

I gutted both men at the door and let myself into the apartment. I found the good Mr. Chambers taking advantage of several young Chinese women who were there against their will. They were willing to leave the gentleman in my care.

I regret to say that I was not gentle with him.

I started with his knees before I asked him a single question. From those joints, I moved on to his elbows and his shoulders. Only when all were dislocated did I remove the gag from his mouth and ask him what I wanted to know.

There were three men above him in the organization. He only knew the name of the next. Mr. Douglas Tregaskis. He was a gentleman of means in Concord, Massachusetts. According to Mr. Chambers, Mr. Tregaskis’ home was well defended and would require some effort to enter. He offered his assistance, of course, and I drowned him in his bathtub.

I would find my own way in.

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