Duncan Blood, Journal for 1911: Forest Mother


All four of the Chambers’ children vanished on October 1st. Their parents were frantic, and it was the paternal grandfather who came to me on the third, asking if I would help.

I did, of course, and I gathered as much information from the parents as I could. The children, I learned, were going to walk along the North Road and make their way into town to purchase candy. Shortly after they left, the father realized the eldest boy had left without his money. The father, being a good man, saddled his horse and rode out to catch up with his children. He did not find them, but he did find signs of a struggle. The children had been dragged off into Gods’ Hollow.

Shortly after my arrival, the father brought me to the site of their disappearance, and I entered the Hollow by myself. It took me nearly half the day to find the children. When I did, it was another three hours before I could negotiate their release.

The children had been taken by a Muma Pădurii, a Romanian Forest Mother. She needed them, she informed me, to serve her. I argued against it and was thankfully successful. I promised to assist her when needed, and she freed the children.

The Chambers’ family was ecstatic to have their children safely returned, and I was as pleased as well. In all honesty, I would not have killed the Forest Mother to save the children.

Her life is worth far too much. Even more than my own.

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