Duncan Blood, Journal for 1911: Undead


They came shambling out of Gods’ Hollow. Dozens of them. Vacant-eyed and voracious, they devoured everything they could fit into their mouths. Insects, animals, trees, and grass. The alarm went up quickly and soon I, along with several cousins and some of the Coffins, hurried to the North Road.

The fight was no mere slaughter. It took us some time to realize the only way to kill the beasts was to destroy their brains, and it was not without cost.

My cousin, Octavius, was visiting from Norway, and he was the first of several family members to fall. To him also went the horrific honor of being the first to rise. He joined with the beasts and fell upon Derris Coffin, infecting him before Derris blew out what was left of Octavius’ brains.

By the end of the battle, we learned that we had been fighting the undead and that the bites transferred whatever virus controlled them.

I have been called upon to commit many acts of which I am not proud. One of them was the execution of those infected by the dead. The fact that those bitten begged for release does not, as far as I am concerned, mitigate the deed, or make the act any more acceptable.

It is a terrible thing to shoot your relatives in the back of the head, especially when they are relatives whose company you enjoyed.

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