Duncan Blood, Journal for 1911: Jiangshi


None of the undead are pleasant. They are parasitic and, like all parasites, need to be removed when discovered.

Early in September, animals were discovered along the far edge of Boston Post Road. These creatures ranged from squirrels to cows, and they all had been slain in the same fashion. Their blood had been drained from them, leaving them desiccated. Not even the ravens would pick at the corpses.

When I exhausted my own books, I traveled into Boston and sought out members of other communities, describing the bodies I witnessed.

It was the Chinese who told me of the Jiangshi, the hopping vampire. They told me where to look for the creature and what I must do to defeat it. What I learned did not please me. I trust in steel and bullets, and I confess some nervousness at the idea of a thing I could not at least knock down with my Colts.

So, on October 1st, I entered the shallow hills along the border of Gods’ Hollow and hunted through the caves for two weeks. On the fifteenth, I found it.

The Jiangshi was dressed in tattered silken clothes, and when it sprang at me, I threw a bag of coins in front of it, forcing the maniacal vampire to stop and count them. While it did so, I took the wood of a peach tree and drove it deep into the Jiangshi’s heart. Then, as it screamed and clawed at me, I dragged the thrice-damned thing into the sunlight and lit the creature on fire.

When the flames were done, and nothing but ashes remained, I doused them with vinegar.

Here’s hoping no more of the damned things find their way to Cross.

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