Duncan Blood, Journal for 1911: Tatzelwurm

It struck on the morning of June 9. The MacGregor family was transporting a large shipment of rum along North Road, trying to cut down on time by running close to Gods’ Hollow, despite the known and unknown dangers.

According to Liam MacGregor, the head of the family, the creature attacked shortly after dawn, and it was like nothing they had seen before. The creature was nearly twenty feet in length, perhaps longer, propelling itself forward with a powerful, scaled tail and massive arms. Liam told me the beast looked almost like a snake, except for the fact that it had arms, and instead of a snake’s head, it had a cat’s.

Three of the MacGregor cousins were killed and devoured, as were most of the horses.

It took me the better part of a day, researching the old works in my library, to discover that the only creature which matched the description given was a Tatzelwurm. The beast is native to Sweden, though this counts for little when the Hollow is involved.

Even in the oldest of books, I was unable to find a way to kill it. Either no one had ever tried, or no one had ever succeeded.

I took with me everything I considered practical: my Colts, a silver dagger, and a boar hunting spear on the off chance that such an item might be my last resort.

For a week, I hunted it, without any luck. The Tatzelwurm had vanished. It has yet to reappear, and for that, I am grateful. I still don’t know how to kill it.

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