From Blood’s History: A Temper


I must admit, there are times when my temper gets the best of me. Often, this results in the death of an individual. Or, if I truly lose control, I have been known to put entire households to death.

Such an event occurred at 11 Berkley Street in April of 1900, when I learned of the actions of the matron of the family. I refuse to name the family, even after more than a century. They are undeserving of remembrance, and I have effectively erased them from the memory of Cross. None of their name still lives in the town, nor are there any records to indicate any of them existed. I have even stripped their bodies from the ground and cast them, grave markers and all, into the Cross River.

You may wonder why I went to extreme measures to eradicate them, and I will tell you.

They killed a friend of mine.

She was a beautiful and brilliant young woman. One who wanted to nothing more than to help others. She did so with the magic she learned and practiced in the privacy of her own home. In April, she was invited to 11 Berkley Street, and there she was put to death. Poisoned with a cup of tea.

Her murderers did not go easily, as their house might attest. I twisted their bodies as I twisted the house. I left little more than grist and bone, blood and sinew, scattered about the interior.

It was not, as far as I am concerned, enough.

If I could kill them again each night and resurrect them like Prometheus, I would.

I hate them.

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