From Blood’s History: Tragedy


In May of 1903, tragedy struck at the mouth of Cross River. The USS Reinert, a small schooner, was attacked by a large creature beneath the Atlantic’s surface. I was visiting a friend on duty at the lifesaving station when we witnessed the attack. Huge tentacles exploded from the water, snatching at sailors and attempting to pull down the masts. Sails were torn, and the bowsprit snapped clean away. The ship foundered as the unknown creature destroyed the rudder and attempted to pierce the hull.

We launched the boats and pulled hard for the Reinert, reaching her in time to attack the creature’s exposed tentacles with hand-axes and pikes. Black ichor spewed from the wounded flesh and an unholy stink accompanied it. The water boiled where the ichor struck it, and the ocean shuddered with a scream that shattered one of the boats.

After half an hour of vicious battle, we beat the creature back, but not without great loss. Fully two-thirds of the Reinert’s crew, eleven men, were either dead or missing. Six members of the lifesaving crew were dead as well.

We never learned what had attempted to destroy the Reinert, nor did we seek to find out.

We merely continue to watch for it.

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