Along the Cross River


From Blood’s History: Along the Cross River


She appeared in the summer of 1911, a fetching young woman often seen reclining on the sandy portions of the Cross River. I would have ignored her had she not begun to hunt the citizens of Cross and taken my youngest cousin.

Mermaids are far from pleasant creatures, regardless of what you may have seen upon the television. They are foul and hungry creatures, with little regard for the sentient beings they hunt.

And so, I have no pity for them when they make themselves known in Cross.

She, like all her kind, suffered from the belief that humans are still enthralled with the stories written about the beauty and gentleness of the merfolk. While this is true for many, it is not – nor has it ever been – true for me.

Well before dawn on August 12th, I traveled to the portion of the river she favored, and I waited. When the sun broke the horizon, the mermaid broke the surface of the river. She waded out of the water, clad in the most fashionable of swimsuits. When she saw me, she smiled, waved, and took two steps toward me.

I blew her brains out with one of my revolvers, strapped her corpse to a large stone, and pushed her body into the water, a warning to others of her kind.

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