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From, Blood’s History: Francis Coffin


Francis Coffin was a hell of a man.

When he realized he would live longer than most, Francis went on a drunken bender that lasted from 1843 until 1901. How many men, women, and children he killed, well, none of us will ever truly know. I have heard tell that he slew entire towns out in the Indian territories and that more than one wagon train vanished because of him. He liked to brag that the Donner Party didn’t get lost, he merely had a fondness for human flesh.

Eventually, in 1901, Francis Coffin had an epiphany. Long life did not translate to immortality. At some point, he might have to pay for his crimes. Thus, began ten years of devout worship at the Cross Congregational Church and good works such as the town had never seen before.

His transformation from hedonistic murderer to self-less advocate for the downtrodden was nothing short of a miracle.

In 1911, Francis was on his way to the Cross Congregational Church to receive an award for his actions. He was traveling along North Road, and it is believed he wandered into Gods’ Hollow, for his body has never been found.

Nor did I want it to be found.

My cousin was a rotten, foul man before he found God.

I gut shot him and dragged him into the basement. It took the bastard seven years to die, and I enjoyed every scream he uttered.

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