From, Blood’s History: 1938


There is much truth hidden within the depths of rumors, legends, and gossip. Especially in New England, more so in Cross.

One of the many notable features of my family’s farm is our apple orchard. It is a large and impressive collection of trees, some of which were planted as early as 1635. Rumor has it there is a body beneath each tree. This is false.

There are only bodies beneath trees planted after the 1938 hurricane which tore through Massachusetts. I lost a large number of trees, so many, in fact, that the deaths of the others from sadness was a real and distinct threat. In order to save them, I began to harvest the dead, using them as the foundation for saplings.

It was an excellent decision. Not only did the new trees thrive, but the older trees produced more fruit. Over the years I have had occasion to replace trees as they die. I am well-prepared for these unfortunate eventualities. I have an agreement with several funeral homes in the area, and, should there be a dearth of bodies, I keep a private list of individuals who have, in my opinion, forfeited their right to live.

My trees are far more worthwhile than many I meet. And, in all honesty, the apples simply taste better.

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