April 9, 1930


From the Gods’ Hollow journal of Duncan Blood.


April 9, 1930.

The stench of decay nearly overwhelmed me when I approached Gods’ Hollow this morning.

A strong wind carried it to me and set the militia members to vomiting.

For three hours, I followed the scent, until I came upon a great and decrepit structure. When I neared it, I found a battered sign proclaiming it to be the Church of the Living God, built in 1907.

Far more than 27 years had passed since the building’s birth, and the sight of its haggard appearance was a reminder of the curious way in which time moved through Gods’ Hollow.

The wind shifted as I stood before the Church, and I hoped that with the change of direction the stench would go with it.

I was not fortunate in that regard.

The smell neither decreased nor increased. It remained as it was, and I sought out the explanation for it.

When I approached the steps, the odor magnified and set my eyes to watering. It was there, at the first step, that I paused and cleared my vision.

And it was there that I saw what the building was constructed from.

Great blocks of rotting flesh.

A black ichor seeped from old wounds, and maggots writhed within them.

Bones peered through rent skin, and the windows were bereft of the eyes they had once housed.

The Living God was no more, and I took my leave of the rancid corpse.

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