April 3, 1930

From the Gods’ Hollow journal of Duncan Blood.

April 3, 1930. I have brought the Colts with me. The pistols served me well for the entirety of the War of Secession, and on the rare occasions I have had need of them since Lee’s surrender.

I came upon Belle’s mansion, or what is left of it. Her home has been missing since before Lincoln was elected to office, and she was fortunate not to have been home when Cross claimed it as its own. Her brother, Axel, was not lucky, and so I entered the ruins of her home in search of his remains.

Instead, if found living beasts.

I can only assume that the creatures I encountered were the result of Belle’s missing brother having procreated with whatever fell beasts inhabit the place beyond Gods’ Hollow.

They were vaguely human and their voices were curiously pitched, the words unintelligible and difficult to bear as they clouded my thoughts. Their meanings became clear, however, when they attempted to take me prisoner.

I slew at least a score of them as I fought my way out of the ruins.

My hands ache and my body is numb. It has been years since I have killed so many at one time.

My ears still ring and I can still taste death in the air around me. Members of the Cross Militia have positioned themselves along the North Road to ensure the safety of the town.

I will allow no one else to enter Gods’ Hollow.

I fear that worse creatures await discovery.

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